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The specialist in the production of stylish and contemporary seat carcasses


My work

Create a website based on the new identity of the company in order to increase its visibility at the national level.

Complete the offer with an online catalog that displays all the references available for ordering.

Make the brand known by offering an SEO service and the creation of pages for social networks.



The visitor arrives on a landing page which displays a panoramic view of a few models in the catalog.

Buttons give quick access to the know-how page and to the catalog.

The entire site is full of photos illustrating the unique know-how of this company, which is one of the last in France to supply stylish seat casings.


The main page directly displays the product categories for easy navigation. There are a few products highlighted for each to guide the visitor.

Each product page contains all the references necessary to place an order by mail order.

The customer can also fill out a form that will be sent to the company with the product references and contact details if he wishes to obtain more information.