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Real estate website for IMMO

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IMMO is a Luxembourg company specializing in the purchase, sale and rental of goods in Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium.

My work

Create a turnkey website for the agency with the following guidelines:

  • – Modern design and functionality
  • – Fluid and intuitive navigation
  • – Easy updating of announcements
  • – Optimized SEO and security

Modern design and functionality:

Use of Flat Design combined with shadow effects to bring out the elements of the background.

The sections are visually separated thanks to the gradients of the backgrounds.

The background video of Luxembourg City brings a touch of dynamism and catches the eye of the visitor.

The images are omnipresent and illustrate the different services offered.

The contact part at the bottom of each page offers a shortcut for quick contact.

A live chat system with the agency is offered, as well as online appointment booking.

Fluid and intuitive navigation:

Home page: I chose to use the concept of “1 page”. Thus, essential information is grouped together in one place.

The header gathers all the information about the agency:

  • – Her values
  • – His contact details and social networks
  • – The link to the contact part
  • – The link to his list of goods

Property page: It offers the possibility of a quick search. We choose if we want to buy or rent, then the type of property. Research is instantaneous and in real time.

An item consists of a photo, a price, a location, the main services offered and whether it is for rent / sale.

Detail page of an asset: The “typical” page of an asset immediately offers a gallery of images that can be opened in full screen.

Then comes the essential information (that which is found on an item).

A description completes all this.

A series of additional photos can be accessed just below.

All of the property’s services are detailed at the bottom of the page with inserts dedicated to each area.

Easy update of announcements:

Posting an ad is child’s play! Just fill out a form and add photos to the gallery. The new ad is automatically visible in the list.

Optimized SEO and security:

The site is built according to the rules of the art with the use of Headings / Paragraphs etc. tags.

The weight of the images is contained and they have an alternative text.

All pages and ads have a unique title and description.

The entire site has an automatic backup system and a security system.